November 14, 2018

Lunar Outpost, a space technology startup developing enabling technologies for a sustained presence on the Lunar surface, announced their Lunar Prospector designed to search for and map the Moon’s natural resources.

November 10, 2018

In the early days of November, great attention was drawn to the statement of the Russian State Space Corporation Roscsmos about its plans to establish a permanent tended base on the surface of the moon. Not once in the previous years, colonization of the Moon was declared one of the priority tasks of the Russian space program.

November 8, 2018

Tsunami False Alarms Problems

November 7, 2018

Japan could see its territorial waters shrink near its maritime border with Russia after a tiny island off its north-east coast “disappeared”.

The uninhabited islet, called Esanbe Hanakita Kojima, is thought to have slipped beneath the waves, apparently unnoticed by residents living in Sarufutsu, a village on the northern tip of the main island of Hokkaido 500 metres away.

November 6, 2018

A report published today has stated that mining $1 worth of Bitcoin requires more electricity than mining almost any material traditionally dug from the earth.

The authors state that between three million and 15 million tons of carbon emissions have been caused by the sector over the last two years.

Another Report into the Environmental Impact of Bitcoin

October 31, 2018

Hawaii Supreme Court rules in favor of giant telescope

October 11, 2018

Scholars and politicians are more often getting interested in global climate changes, and more often the impact of such changes to economy is noted. According to climate researchers, global warming may lead to occurrence of hazardous heavy rains era, states The New York Times.

October 7, 2018

Could an artificial intelligence be considered a person under the law? Humans aren’t the only people in society – at least according to the law. In the U.S., corporations have been given rights of free speech and religion. Some natural features also have person-like rights. But both of those required changes to the legal system.

October 1, 2018

The number of people who’ve died in Indonesia due to recent earthquakes and a subsequent tsunami has exceeded 1,200 people, media reported.

On Friday, a powerful 7.4-magnitude earthquake hit off the Indonesian island of Sulawesi and was followed by two 5.8-magnitude tremors. A 6.5-feet tsunami struck the city of Palu and the Donggala area of Central Sulawesi Province shortly afterward. In some places, the water rose as high as six meters (20 feet).

September 20, 2018

Russia has introduced a national standard for mitigation of littering the outer space. The Russian authorities approved the national standard to fight littering of outer space. According to Rosstandard web site, this document has been developed by the “Roskosmos’” leading scientific Institute “Central Scientific-Research Institute of Machinery (CSRIM).”