April 12-15, 2011

X International Conference "New Ideas in Earth Sciences" was held in Moscow in the “Russian State Geological Prospecting University” (RGGRU). The conference included a section “Geoethics”. 20 scientists, practitioners and students from Russia and Ukraine took part in section operation.

14 reports were made at section meeting related to the theoretical and practical aspects of geoethics development, environmental ethics, geoecology.

The following reports caused fierce debates:

1. Alisa Drozdovskaya “Geodynamic cataclysms in history of energy interaction of the Earth with Space are an original cause of formation and evolution of a terrestrial life”. The report presents the geoenergogenic hypothesis of terrestrial life origin and evolution, developed by the author in the late 90s of the XX century. A. Drozdovskaya asserts that life formation on the Earth and all the sudden reorganizations of the biosphere organisms’ species composition, which took place on the rearrangement stages of biological evolution, occurred under the influence of the quasi explosive geodynamic cataclysms that periodically occurred in the time-varying energy interactions of the Earth and Space. She believes that such cataclysms gave rise to the tectonic faults in the earth crust, through which the powerful geogenic energy flows erupted from the depths to the surface, and these flows transformed the material world of the terrestrial exosphere. The hypothesis is primarily based on eniological research methods of the Earth and Space energy exchange processes influence and, therefore, it was adopted not by all the conference participants. Traditionally eniological methods are referred to the pseudoscientific.

2. Nataliya Nikitina «Geological diversity and necessity for its conservation: ethical principles and value approach». The report provides an overview and analysis of existing definitions of the term “Geological diversity” and identifies the geo-ethical grounds of the necessity for its conservation. Besides, a new type of informational value was highlighted in addition to the existing (essential, cultural, aesthetic, economic, functional, and scientific and research) types of geological diversity values. Identification of a new type of geological diversity value is based on the fact that dozens of thousands of long-term carriers of the geological environment laws are annually withdrawn from natural geological conditions. At this the most highly organized geological objects- the mineral deposits (and the processes accompanying their existence) become deprived of their future. New mechanisms for stabilizing the crustal processes arise leading to intensification of deep faults. Withdrawal of industrially promising substances from the lithosphere without explaining their relevance to geological and geophysical stabilization of the Earth auto-evolution means the beginning of planetary disorganization.

Anatoly Krasavin, Mikhail Kuzmin, Lyudmila Ryzhova “Development trend of high technologies in production and processing of multi-component ores”. The report substantiates the necessity for maximizing the extraction of useful components at production and processing of multi-component ores. Examples of the organization and automated informational accompaniment of complex ores production and processing processes in the U.S. are given in the report. Incentives and coercive methods of Companies were offered to maximize the organization of all useful components extraction processes.


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