July 12, 2011

A significant Spanish geologist Jose Luis Gonzalez (member of the AGID Spanish Group) has been responsible for updating of the Deontological Code of the official Spanish Association of Geologists, which has been approved by the Assembly General of ICOG, April 9, 2011. Now Geoethics forms specifically a part - for the first time - of the Deontology of Geologists in Spain.

Deontology is part of the ethical theory in which problems of a debt are considered, moral requirements and specifications and in general obligation as specific to the moral form of display of social necessity.

The publication of this new Deontological Code including Geoethics was announced in an open group in facebook and the official news has been published in the website of the ICOG: Ilustre Colegio Oficial de Geólogos (the official Spanish Association of Geologists): http://www.icog.es/_portal/noticias/noticias.asp?bid=1886&ini=1.

The Most important for geoethics development in the Code is article 4 «Compromises with  Geoethics», defining Geoethics as key discipline in Geosciences and  also of Planetary Sciences,  obliging geologists always to operate, being guided by scientific integrity, achievements of the best practice and taking  into consideration the  risks of the decision of ethical dilemmas, the social responsibility and necessity of preservation of a geodiversity  of our planet.   

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