July 23, 2012

In  Khasynski district of Magadan region the reconstruction of tailings dam  started. The tailings dam is located on area of Karamkenski gold mining and processing enterprise. That enterprise was closed in 1998. On the 29th of August 2009 after three days of heavy   showers there was tailing dam disintegration and village Karamken was flooded. The dam held a tails and rock refuse containing hazardous substances, including heavy metals. A powerful water stream damaged and destroyed 17 dwelling houses and killed 2 people.

The reconstruction works are financed from district and regional target programs. In 2012 38 million rubles will be allocated for these purposes, in 2013 – 18 million rubles. Currently, most of the houses in village Karamken were recognized as the houses under the threat of collapse. From 2011 households   have got money to buy new housing in city. 400 people (280 families) have already left there.

Although almost no one lives in village Karamken, tailings dam and tailings pound will be reclaimed to eliminate hazardous substances entering in surface waters. Priority hydraulic facilities including Lake Verhnee, which is slightly above the tailings dam, will be dismantled. Lake contains 50 thousand cubic meters of water and there is a risk of new floods. In addition, there is constantly blow-out of pulp in the spawning river Khasin. Owing to these causes the decision was made to reconstruct of tailings dam and to reclaim tailings pond.


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