May 25, 2011

Second Circular of 34th International Geological Congress was published, that is scheduled for August 05/10, 2012 in Brisbane (Australia).

In addition to the 2nd circular of the Congress Association of Geoscientists for International Development (AGID) issued a more detailed circular concerning all eight symposia of theme 2, including the symposium "Geoethics". All these symposia will be organized and supervised by AGID at the forthcoming congress. The circular submitted by AGID contains description of reports contents of the symposia. In particular, as regards the symposium "Geoethics" it states that it is offered to provide reports pertaining to “the theory and practice of geoethics, which recognizes the necessity for ethical attitude to the geosphere and develops the methodologies and methods for solving ethical dilemmas, related primarily to natural hazards (including the risk of inevitable natural disasters), sustainable development, exploration and use of mineral resources of the Earth and other planets. Questions of the geological education are also an important area of geoethics, as education forms the foundation for making responsible decisions, and therefore should be based on integration of moral and cultural values with social, environmental, technical and economic considerations”

Symposium Convenors:

Vaclav Nemec ( Czech Republic

Jesus Martinez-Frias ( Spain

Nataliya Nikitina ( Russia

Niichi Nishiwaki ( Japan

Silvia Peppoloni ( Italy

Submission of abstracts in the on-line mode till February 17, 2012

Standard registration of participants – till July 01, 2012

Congress website (in English):

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