July 23, 2012

In  Khasynski district of Magadan region the reconstruction of tailings dam  started. The tailings dam is located on area of Karamkenski gold mining and processing enterprise. That enterprise was closed in 1998. On the 29th of August 2009 after three days of heavy   showers there was tailing dam disintegration and village Karamken was flooded. The dam held a tails and rock refuse containing hazardous substances, including heavy metals. A powerful water stream damaged and destroyed 17 dwelling houses and killed 2 people.

October 10-14, 2011

The traditional international section on GEOETHICS was organized in the framework of the 50th Jubilee Mining Pribram Symposium as a regular meeting of the Working Group for Geoethics (operating since 2004 under the umbrella of the Association of Geoscientists for International Development) and convened since 1992 by Dr. Vaclav Nemec (AGID Vice-president for Europe) and by Dr. Lidmila Nemcova (President of the Czech Society for Ethics in Economics).

September 19-23, 2011

The session on Geoethics, held in Turin (Italy) within the GeoItalia Congress (September  19-23, 2011) and convened by Dr Silvia Peppoloni (National Institute of Geophysics and Volcanology), was a great success. The session started with a very interesting interview of the famous sociologist Prof. Franco Ferrarotti (University of Rome) about the social implications of geological research and practice, and continued with an introductory talk by Dr. Ian Lambert, Secretary General of the upcoming August 2012 in Brisbane (Australia) 34th International Geological Congress.

July 12, 2011

A significant Spanish geologist Jose Luis Gonzalez (member of the AGID Spanish Group) has been responsible for updating of the Deontological Code of the official Spanish Association of Geologists, which has been approved by the Assembly General of ICOG, April 9, 2011. Now Geoethics forms specifically a part - for the first time - of the Deontology of Geologists in Spain.

Deontology is part of the ethical theory in which problems of a debt are considered, moral requirements and specifications and in general obligation as specific to the moral form of display of social necessity.

June 29, 2011

National Academies Press (NAP) provided the opportunity to download and to read PDF-version of its published books absolutely free at Currently more than 4000 books are available for reading along with the additional information about future publications. Consistent with its primary mission and being the publisher of the National Academy of Sciences (NAS), National Academy of Engineering (NAE), Medical Institute and National Research Council (NRC), NAP distributes the contents of books as widely as possible.

May 25, 2011

Second Circular of 34th International Geological Congress was published, that is scheduled for August 05/10, 2012 in Brisbane (Australia).

April 12-15, 2011

X International Conference "New Ideas in Earth Sciences" was held in Moscow in the “Russian State Geological Prospecting University” (RGGRU). The conference included a section “Geoethics”. 20 scientists, practitioners and students from Russia and Ukraine took part in section operation.

14 reports were made at section meeting related to the theoretical and practical aspects of geoethics development, environmental ethics, geoecology.

The following reports caused fierce debates:

October 19-20, 2010

Council of Europe meeting was held in Florence (Italy), devoted to the decade of the European Landscape Convention adoption ( ). Currently, it is already signed by 38 European countries and ratified by 32 countries. The ceremonial meeting was held under the patronage of the Italian President and the Mayor of Florence.

October 14, 2010

October 14, 2010. First Circular of 34th International Geological Congress was published, that is scheduled for August 05/10, 2012 in Brisbane (Australia). []. International Geological Congresses are held every four years with a rotating venue in different countries of the world. The purpose of the congress – is the promotion of new ideas, developments, technological achievements and improvements in the field of Earth sciences.

September 16, 2010

Decision was adopted at meeting of the Presidium of Executive Committee of Russian Geological Society on establishment of the new structure – Section of Geoethics as part of the Society.